Provolone Valpadana DOP Cheese

Mild Provolone Valpadana DOP Cheese

A soft cheese made with calf's rennet. It is aged for maximum 90 days and generally it is processed by a wax covering treatment.
Strong Provolone Valpadana DOP Cheese

A strong cheese made with baby goat and/or lamb's rennet.
The seasoning lasts approximately from three to six months and more.

  • ingredienti: INGREDIENTI:
  • stagionatura media: STAGIONATURA MEDIA:
  • titolo valori nutrizionali: VALORI NUTRIZIONALI MEDI PER 100 GR DI PRODOTTO:
  • energia label: Energia
  • energia valore: ...
  • grassi label: Grassi
  • grassi valore: ...
  • grassi saturi label: di cui acidi grassi saturi
  • grassi saturi valore: ...
  • carboidrati label: Carboidrati
  • carboidrati valore: ...
  • zuccheri label: di cui zuccheri
  • zuccheri valore: ...
  • proteine label: Proteine
  • proteine valore: ...
  • sale label: Sale
  • sale valore: ...

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Provolone Cheese Recipe

From milk of our land,
cheese of our home Albiero Certifications